Rinkai's Map services

Rinkai offers Blackbox optimization and supporting services: Try the samples, or drop us an email at to obtain your API key.


Release Notes

v1.3c Release Notes


Added id field in address
Added support for asynchronous geocoding. Please note that /locate has been moved to geocoding/sync
Added bounding box (bbox) in GeocodingResponse and several of its referenced types


Added XML payload support on REST
Added BasicVehicleInfo.avoidTollRoads . When set to true, the grossWeightTons must also be specified for the toll roads to be avoided.

Consolidation of fields

v1.3b Release Notes

Consolidation of fields

Geocoding results

When performing a geocoding request separate from the optimization request, several additional indicators of quality are now in AddressMatch .


Priviledges are now attached to API key.

v1.3a Release Notes

v1.3 brings speed improvements and better error reporting over v1.2 as well as some non-compatible model changes:

Encoding of point lists

Detailed traces (Point2PointRoute.coordinates and Trace.coordinates) now use google polyline format. Please use decodePolyline and encodePolyline as defined in this file.

Consolidation of fields

Added units in field names